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Market areas

Focus and specialist expertise

We work across many sectors where performance outcomes are the final currency for judging success. Our experience ranges from world-class sport working with World, Olympic and Paralympic champions, with professional sports, with sport national governing bodies, as well as with individual coaches and athletes. We work closely with Universities, Sport and Exercise Science departments, Sports Technology departments, as well as technical partners and suppliers in industry.

Performance sport

Beter prepared to win

Competition preparation
Training optimisation
Reducing risk and threat
Technical planning

Higher education

Knowledge into impact 

Research impact and reach
Aligning with industry
Strategic insight
Professional development

Practitioners and managers

More effective delivery

Project support
Free up delivery time
Increase collaboration
Enhance quality and rigour

Coaches and athletes

Achieve your goals

Technical optimisation
Muultidisciplinary support
Interface with industry
Make sense of complexity

What the Performance Science Distillery does

Our offering

Our objective is to bridge the span from scientific theory and rigor, to that of real-world practical questions. We distill your ideas into a project that delivers defined outcomes and solutions that impact performance. We take on challenges that the client has a clear commitment to solving, and we offer our insight and innovation based on many years of experience across both the world-class sport and scientific sectors.

The appliance of science permeates that process throughout. This ensures quality methods, cutting-edge knowledge and evidence-based practice being called upon and sought after. Our projects are designed through extensive needs analysis, continual client dialogue and collaboration, and a specific focus on the usability of the solution - be it increased knowledge, better ways of working or a technical innovation.


Insight and perspective

Making sense of complex data and knowledge through statistical insight, modelling and review.

- Advanced Excel, VBA, R, SPSS
- Probability and trend analysis
- Data reporting and visualisation
- Idea rapid prototyping
- Feasibility analysis
- Predictive modelling and optimisation
- Knowledge review and synthesis

- Executive summary & BLUF reporting
- Market review and strategic analysis
- Gap analysis


Creative solutions

Quickly converting insight and knowledge into impactful projects and solutions.

- Data processing & management
- Automated analytics
- Data dashboards & visualisation
- Human-machine interface
- Wearables

- Physiological monitoring
- Automated expert interpretation
- Laboratory experimental
- Diagnostic profiling
- Systems inspection


Collaborative exploration

Adding value to individuals and organisations through improving efficiency, quality and awareness.

- Workflow refinement
- Experimental design
- Seminars and workshops
- Coach and professional development
- Mentoring
- Peer review and editing
- Strategic prioritisation
- Technical multidisciplinary planning
- Project management
- Quality assurance

Our work covers a wide range of science applications and across a broad market. We thrive on distilling and prioritising complex areas into refined and defined projects. Contact us to explore your ideas and needs.

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